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Created on 2009-05-03 17:59:25 (#249503), last updated 2010-06-10 (384 weeks ago)

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Name:Figure Skating Fanfic
Location:Korea, The Republic of
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For all your figure skating RPF needs.
Finally, a Dreamwidth comm for the coolest fandom ever -- figure skating RPF. Everything is welcome here: slash, femslash, het, and gen. New skaters, old skaters, semi-obscure up-and-coming skaters. Threesomes, crossovers, and whatever happens at Champs Camp. G-rated fluff, PWP, and novel-length epics. Anything, as long as it's fic about ice skaters.

(Real ice skaters only, please. There are plenty of other places to post your AU where Sam and Dean Winchester are a pairs team.)

When you post fic, it should have a header that includes the following information:

Word Count:

Please include a warning if your fic includes underage skaters, incest, non-cons, or other content that might be disturbing to some readers.

You're welcome to post graphics and fanvids here, if you've got 'em.

Please do NOT post news, photos, picspams, or videos of skating programs.

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